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Forget those sleepless long travels and put comfort in your trips with this unique J-Neck Pillow. The distinct J-shape of this pillow is an absolute ergonomic marvel. It allows the pillow to give you a headrest, neck rest as well as a chin rest. Snap awake often in the middle of your journeys? No longer. The curvy part of the J-shape cradles under your chin, supporting your neck and chin. Gone are the times where your head would keep banging on the plane window - the top of the J provides you with a headrest. It’s like a jack of all trades - you can even fold it in a U-shape and obtain rear neck support. It is also built for everyday situations - afternoon snooze, power nap at work, reading at night or simply relaxing.

J-shaped travel pillow

Unique J-shape provides triple support - headrest, neck rest and chin rest

Protects you from snapping awake

Headrest prevents crashing on the vehicle window

Also foldable in a U-shape - to provide neck rear support

Fit for use in everyday circumstances - relaxing, sleeping upright, reading or power nap

Makes journeys comfortable

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