AstroReality Lunar Regular

AstroReality Lunar Regular

AstroReality Lunar Regular

Now augmented reality can bring the moon to you, putting exploration literally at your fingertips.
Even with a slightly smaller size LUNAR. You can still get the out of this world experience.

Smaller, but same stunning

With over 4.5 billion years of existence, there is much of the moon to learn and explore. It has  fascinated people for thousands of years, ever present in the sky yet far away. With the LUNAR Regular,  you can explore the moon in the palm of your hand. It is smaller than our LUNAR Pro model, but it is still stunning. Get up close with this highly precise and incredibly detailed model of the moon. Landscape


Your LUNAR Regular will feature the moon’s seas, craters, and dead volcanoes in stunning detail


The creation of the LUNAR Regular begins with the latest in 3D printing technology. Each model is built to 0.006 millimeters in precision, a detailed sculpture that is unparalleled in craft.

You can use the augmented reality app to explore amazing landmarks on the LUNAR Regular model.
You’ll do this with the beauty of the galaxy as your background and stunning representations
of the sun and Earth providing spatial context



Scale icon


Weight icon




High Resolution



Coating Application:

By Hand

Printing Resolution:

0.006mm per pixel


3D print, Hand Moulding
and Casting


Distressed textural painting
Scan icon

AR Experience:

Marker Recognition,
Earth and Moon Space Simulation,
Landmarks appear on Lunar surface

How to Use

  • From your device, launch the AstroReality App.

    Your camera will need to be on.
    The device must be connected to the internet.

  • Tap " Scan icon " in the middle of the bottom bar.

  • Scan the QR code on the manual.

    Your LUNAR Regular model will have come with an unique QR code.
    Make sure you keep the QR code safe.

  • Explore the moon’s surface.

    Hold the device about 20 cmScan icon from the model to get the best results.

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